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Proper Traffic Safety Equipment is critical to have on any road construction site to protect both your workers as well as the driving, bicycling and pedestrian public.  Staff needs to be clearly visible to others by wearing bright, neon or reflective clothing.  Frequently, highly visible clothing items worn by workers could include safety vests and shirts. 

In addition, common traffic safety supplies should also be present to control human and vehicular flow.  These items can encompass anything from flags, paddles and caution tape, to traffic cones, barricades, drums and lights, or safety fences, along with other miscellaneous items depending on the nature and scope of your work.

While the above list is extensive, we’d like to highlight just a few of the more frequently used inventory items that most road construction sites require.  They are as follows:

  • Safety vests – equipsupply carries an extensive inventory of brightly colored vests, shirts and hats.  We carry orange and lime safety vests with reflective stripes for enhanced visibility in the dark.  They come as one size fits all with easy Velcro closure.
  • ANSI Class 2 vests and shirts – both ANSI and ISEA 107-2004 compliant, these Class 2 vests and shirts have high quality two inch reflective stripes.  Vests have zipper closures and come with four easy-access pockets and are available in bright yellow or orange.  Shirts are short sleeve T’s with reflective strips over shoulders and torso.
  • Surveyor vests – manufactured in neon green or orange, surveyor vests have reflective tape, pockets with Velcro or zipper closures, complete with mic tabs on both shoulders.
  • Flags, paddles and caution tape – we carry both red danger tape and yellow caution tape for marking off out-of-bounds areas on your construction site.  In addition, we sell red danger flags and Stop and Slow paddles to direct traffic around active work zones.
  • Traffic cones – has a wide variety of traffic cones specially designed to be both highly visible and to serve as directional monuments to irregular lanes while you are working.  Cone varieties included in our traffic safety equipment category include lime green or orange with reflector strips for night driving, solid orange cones, or disposable traffic cones with florescent tape for short term jobs.
  • Barricades, drums and lights – our barricade inventory includes standard engineer grade barricade stands, some with reflector lights; others with flashing lights for greater caution messaging.
  • Safety fences – fences come as either engineer grade silt fencing or brightly colored orange mesh; both are strong but lightweight.

Miscellaneous – we carry sandbags and sandbag stands for easy fill.  We also carry OSHA compliant rebar caps to prevent impalement on pole tops.

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