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Body Protection Equipment is the single most important, and often neglected, category in ensuring your employees will not come to harm or injury on the job.  Many occupations and industries rely on employers to provide adequate coverage in safety gear, some of which is even required by law.  For certain industries, sufficient body safety protection includes wearing a dust mask or rounded knee pads.  For others, individuals working on scaffolding such as construction workers or window washers require a full body harness and fall protection.  Even office or retail employees who sit or stand for long periods of time may need back support.   And for those people working in harsh weather conditions, winter protection may be essential to safeguard against injury due to the harsh elements.  

For quick reference, we have compiled a user-list to help narrow your search.  Be sure and click on individual items that you may desire for further product specifications and ordering.

  • Full Body Harness: this OSHA and ANSI approved 3-point adjustable full body harness has pass-through leg and chest buckles, easy-slide D-ring that keeps fallen workers vertical.  Harness also has strong rear lumbar strips that prevent rear worker release.  We also carry 6’ shock-absorbing lanyard and carrying case.
  • Back Support Belts: from medium to extra large, equipsupply has excellent support belts by SAS Safety. They come with six flexible steel spring stays for lower back reinforcement, are lightweight, and have crisscross straps providing upper back protection and comfort.
  • Knee Pads: rounded cap knee pads by Revco offer great protection for joints, ligaments and skin.  They have ½” thick neoprene padding and come with fully adjustable straps and buckles.
  • Winter Protection:  construction crews for roadways, buildings or snow removal need extra protection from harsh winter elements.’s cold weather body protection equipment includes a wide variety of hard hat liners, HotHands hand, foot and body warmers (providing heat up to 10 hours), as well as a large selection of warm winter gloves.

In addition to the above general categories, adequate body safety protection for some workers may include safety goggles to protect the eyes, hearing protection devices such as ear plugs or sound mufflers, dust masks and respirators and, of course, hard hats.  Check out our full inventory in whatever category your work site needs for further individual product details.

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