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When looking for the largest, most diverse selection of Hard Hats, you will want to check out equipsupply.com’s unparalleled inventory.  As you know, hard hats are required to be worn in certain industrial environments.  As such, they serve as an adjustable helmet that protects the head, whether made from metal, reinforced plastic or lightweight but durable fiberglass.  No matter which style you select, our hard hats protect your crew when working with any construction equipment.

Some hard hat models come with nylon web suspension systems; some have universal slots for snap on face shields, welding guards and ear protectors.  Others may have a smooth dome design frequently requested by a number of industry professionals, while others have multi-point ratchet suspension systems and terry cloth sweat bands in the cap.

Listed below are a few of our more popular models and styles worn around a variety of construction equipment where heat and/or overhead protection is required while working on heavy duty industrial sites.

  • Sentry III Plain and Ratchet Style Hard Hats: these white or yellow hard hats are incredibly durable with some offering a ratchet feature that provides optimal adjustability.  Sentry hard hats feature a squared-off nape strap and meet ANSI Z89.1 and CSA Z94.1.  They also meet OSHA type 1 standards for classes C, G and E, and are SEI certified.  Additional features are available by model type.
  • Fiberglass caps: ideal for working with heat and overhead applications such as welding, these yellow or white hard hats have universal slots for hearing, welding and visor accessories.  They also have a suspension system and meet ANSI Z89.1 and OSHA type 1, Class C, G and E.
  • V-guard Hard Hats: manufactured with 1-touch adjustable suspension systems, these hats meet OSHA type 1 standards for classes G and E, as well as ANSI Z89. 1-2003.

Head-turner and NFL Hard Hats: made from lightweight high density polyethylene, these smooth-domed colorful hard hats provide both safety and fun on the construction site.  Most include a slotted feature and meet ANSI Z89.1 type 1, in various classes.  Head-turner models come in Razor, FlyBoy, Gunner, American Eagle styles and others.  NFL models include Packers, Lions, Broncos, 49ers, Patriots, Cowboys, Bills, Bears and numerous other teams’ designs.

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