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Equipsupply.com has an enormous inventory of Work Gloves that are suited for all kinds of industrials environments – for individuals doing anything from sensitive tactile work to rugged brick handling.  We also carry a wide array of winter work gloves and multi-task gloves including driver’s gloves, vibration dampening gloves and super grip gloves.

Below you will find a sampling of some of the more popular multi-task and work gloves we have in stock.  You can find a full list of all glove categories we carry by clicking on individual highlights as you navigate through each glove section.

  • Tool-handz Plus Gloves – we sell multiple sizes of these durable spandex and synthetic leather work gloves, boosting tensile capability while providing enhanced abrasion protection
  • Vibration Dampening Gloves – excellent protection against vibrating machine handles, these Shoc Bloc gloves are ergonomically designed to enhance grip and reduce shock with gel grip technology. 
  • Driver’s Gloves – these tight-fitting black Elkskin gloves provide excellent maneuverability while maintaining superior movement and control
  • Framer’s Gloves – with three exposed fingertips, these framer’s gloves are ideal for construction work.  They have a synthetic leather palm with grip reinforcements and a spandex and neoprene backing
  • Hi-vis Safety Work Gloves – made of high visibility and reflective materials, these safety work gloves are insulated and padded with leather palms and provide a snug spandex fit

Some of our popular winter gloves include:

  • Gray Fuzzy Hand Gloves – comprised of polar fleece and cowhide split blend with utility clasps and shirred elastic for a snug and warm fit
  • Waterproof Lined Insulated Winter Gloves – cold weather protection with grip reinforcements that protect your hands.  Gloves also have insulated lining with a waterproof barrier; several styles are available
  • Arctic Guard Extreme Duty – for extra cold environments, these gloves offer the ultimate protection against the elements.  They have a synthetic liner for increased warmth and offer superior grip in wet or dry conditions
  • Fleece Lined Brown Jersey Gloves – designed for moderately cool climates, these red fleeced Jerseys come in a gunn pattern with a straight thumb

Equipsupply.com also carries industry-specific work gloves for unique product handling in construction environments.  We sell gloves for concrete and brick handling, PVC coated gloves for sewer auger work and nitrile gloves offering increased tactile sensitivity designed for intricate assembly work.  See our full line for additional selections.

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