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Having First Aid Supplies is a must for any business, both in terms of protecting your staff and the public but also in terms of meeting ANSI requirements.  Businesses large and small need to know they have the best first aid kits, first aid supplies that meet all standards as required by law. sells several sizes and styles of Acme first aid kits to meet your business size and to protect your employees.

Acme produces the finest quality safety products available on the market today.  Each kit contains the essential medical items required in the workplace that must meet OSHA and ANSI standards.  Some kits carry additional safety items as well. Beyond the three standard size Acme first aid kits, we also sell product refills for when you need to replenish your first aid supplies.  Equipsupply also carries the portable eyewash station manufactured by SAS Safety, along with eyewash refill bottles.

  • 4-shelf First Aid Station: For larger commercial operations with over 50 employees, this Acme first aid kit contains all items required by ANSI Z308. 1-2009.  It also has many additional items on the recommended list.  The kit’s case is made from durable steel for commercial and industrial environments.  While it can be mounted on the wall, it also has a handle for portable use.
  • 50-person First Aid Kit: Ideal for mid-sized companies or organizations, this kit includes all required ANSI Z308. 1-2009 items, as well as some extra safety products.  It comes in a weatherproof plastic case and has 165 pieces enclosed in the moisture and dust-free interior.
  • 25-person First Aid Kit: Smaller companies still provide the same high quality safety care meeting the ANSI Z308. 1-2009 requirements as mandated by law.  Safety items are enclosed in the moisture and dust-free plastic carrying case.
  • Supply Refills: For replenishment, we carry refills for all first aid kits including several size bandages, antiseptic sprays, adhesive strips and analgesics such as aspirin, acetaminophen and ibuprofen.
  • Portable Eye Wash Station: Meeting OSHA and ANSI requirements, this SAS Safety eye wash station can be used with one hand, is gravity fed and no plumbing is required for operation.  We also sell the two-bottle eye flush station for smaller businesses.  Replacement eye flush bottles are also available.

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