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Safety Decal Kits & Heater Decal Kits

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Anyone working in the construction or repair business knows the importance of having proper signage on heavy equipment and in work areas.  On some jobs it may even be mandated to post signage in compliance with OSHA requirements. Equipsupply.com has a huge selection of Safety Decal Kits, as well as heater decal kits, for nearly all kinds of equipment you may be using on construction sites or in hazardous environments. 

Our range of safety decal kits is extensive.  Depending on particular packets, there can be less than 10 stickers per sheet, or up to 25 or more stickers per sheet.  Each sticker has strong adhesive to ensure effective staying power.  Packets include highly visible bright bold yellow or red colors and symbols with caution, danger, or warning messaging, whichever word is most appropriate for the equipment’s risk or warning message.  Packets typically have rectangle, square, triangle, diamond or circle shapes to meet requirements for an individual standard or regulation.

What’s more, each set of stickers comes with a variety of warning labels or messages for that particular equipment, indicating specific hazards, directions for machine usage and operational information.  Safety decal kits in the equipsupply.com’s sticker inventory line represent most commonly used small, medium and large equipment or construction sites that require signage.  We have included a list of some frequent safety and heater decal kits requested by customers:

  • Excavator and mini-excavator stickers
  • Backhoe safety stickers
  • Dozer safety stickers
  • Grader safety stickers
  • Compactor stickers
  • Dump truck stickers
  • Crane safety stickers
  • Concrete pump stickers
  • Concrete agitator stickers
  • Trencher stickers
  • Diesel compressor stickers
  • Electric and/or gasoline compressor stickers
  • Sewer auger
  • BBQ safety stickers
  • Gas generator stickers
  • Welder safety stickers

We have many other safety decal stickers available in addition to the ones listed above.  Please check out our complete inventory.  As always, we offer free shipping on all non-truck orders of $25 or more.

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