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Concession Machines for Hot Dogs, Nachos & Sno-Cones & Beverages

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Just imagine the next party you host using one of our fun concession machines.  We have a full-line of Paragon concession equipment including popcorn poppers, cotton candy makers or nacho cheese dispensers that your guests can gather around.  Or, if hosting an event on a hot summer day, you can impress family and friends with one of our refreshing beverage machines like the Mini Granita beverage dispenser or Bunn’s two hopper ice system, offering a choice of delicious fruit flavors – right in your own backyard. 

You’ll further delight people with the aroma of a hot dog broiler or steamer, complete with a companion peanut warmer.  And shopping couldn’t be easier since equipesupply.com has a full range of concession supplies, making your experience easy and convenient.  We have foil wrappers for hot dogs and cooling drink flavors like pina colada and strawberry daiquiri to go in your drink dispensers; everything you need for your gathering.


Some party favorites include:

  • Sno-Cone machines – kids love to cool off with a Sno-Cone and equipsupply.com has three models: the Sno-storm, the Arctic Blast and the Cooler – all made by Paragon!
  • Cotton Candy machines – suggesting days of county fairs and carnivals, a themed event wouldn’t be complete without a Cotton Candy machine.  We offer two models, plus a roll-top bubble to keep the candy fresh, all set on a cart or stand, whichever you fancy
  • Theater Popcorn unit – a fun addition to any party or sales event is one of America’s favorite concession machines – the theater popcorn unit, with the smell of freshly popped corn to draw in the crowd
  • Hot dog grill – evoking baseball games and 4th of July, who doesn’t love a hotdog.  Check out our broilers, steamers and hotdog grills. 

We invite you to browse our concession machines and make your next event a hit with some of America’s favorite food traditions.

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