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Towing Equipment & Supplies

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EquipSupply.com only offers premium products at great prices. Our towing equipment for auto shops and construction sites has been screened by the most rigorous weather tests and conditioning. This equipment is available at our low costs and can be delivered to your shop, home or construction site.

Towing Equipment Includes:


Light –Duty Poly Twine

For tying down supply equipment, shipping and hauling this product works best. It is made from high grade material that withstands the toughest stress.


Transport Tow & Binder Chains

These high strength chains are made for binding loads, towing, recovery, stump removal and any other high strength applications. These chains are designed to thread through towing rails and are heat treated. All our chains meet DOT requirements.


Rope Ratchet

Made by RLD Tool, Inc., these ratchets are the best for high strength tying. They release with a thumb lever, will not stretch like elastic cords and are made from tough weather resistant nylon.


Chain Binder

Made by Security Chain Co., these corrosion-resistant and heat treated binders offer easy secure tightening and a quick release.


Wheel Chock Handle

If you are sick of bending over to remove chocks, this ergonomic design has a high visible yellow powder coat and is made from heavy gauge steel. This handy tool is built to last.


Ratchet Style QuikBinder

This incredible design meets all the DOT/CVSA/CCMTA requirements. It works with 1/2” or 3/8” chains and is designed for use with either Grade 70 Transport or Grade 80 alloy tie-down chains.


Trailer Safety Chain

These S hook designed chains are great for those miscellaneous tie downs. They are class 3 designed and are 4’ in length.

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