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Tools, Parts, Paint, Fittings - General Supplies

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With a massive amount of General Construction Supplies, chances are has what you are looking for.  As a full service supply company, we carry numerous and diverse products to meet the needs of the construction, repair, maintenance and sanitation industries.  Plus, we carry a large inventory of Desa replacement heater parts as well.  Some of the many product categories we hold in stock are fuel containers & accessories, air hose, fittings & more, maintenance, paint, shipping & packing, straps, chains, rope, tapes & cable ties, small engine parts, air filters, industrial sanitation, and a Desa parts blow-out section.

Some common items found in each category are listed below.  But we know you’ll want to check out each one individually to stock up on essential general construction supplies, as well as take advantage of great savings in the process.


  • Fuel Containers & Accessories: includes numerous no-spill accessories, auto STOP funnels, hand and siphon fuel pumps, and gas cans.
  • Air Hose, Fittings & More: includes many kinds of hoses and hose accessories, couplers and adaptors, as well as spanner wrenches.
  • Maintenance: includes hand pumps, grease guns, degreasers, cleaners and lubricants; clean-up towels.
  • Paint: includes both water-based and solvent-based stripping paint, survey marking paint and all-purpose marking paint.
  • Shipping & Packing: includes Steelock buckles, stretch wrap, strapping and accessories.
  • Straps, Chains, Rope: includes light duty poly twine, transport tow & binder chains, rope ratchet, chain binder and more.
  • Tapes & Cable Ties: includes many miscellaneous tapes, duct tape, stretch wrap and nylon ties.
  • Small Engine Parts: includes dipsticks, gas caps, oil sensors and recoil starter assembly.
  • Air Filters: includes numerous filters from such notable brands as Honda and Stens.
  • Industrial Sanitation: includes a massive inventory of dusters, brooms, waste containers, mops and scrub brushes.


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