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Radiant Heaters

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Radiant heaters from Equipsupply.com provide a great heat source when camping, fishing or for small spaces requiring temporary heat on cold winter days and nights.  They make for an easy on-the-go warming device requiring no electricity, making them convenient and cost-effective in the process.  We carry several models of Mr. Heater tank top heaters, including a single burner, double burner and a triple burner.  These radiant heaters can provide hours of warmth when used on any of their adjustment settings.


Each of our Mr. Heater tank top heaters mount directly on a propane cylinder and have easy-start systems.  All models have exceptional safety features such as an accidental tip-over safety shutoff, automatic shutoff valve with loss of flame and automatic low oxygen shutoff.  They also come with multiple heat adjustment levels.


Radiant Heaters


  • 15K BTU Size—this single burner Mr. Heater tank top heater operates on a 1 pound tank or a 20 pound tank.  It comes with an AC or battery operated blower fan and can be wall mounted.  Heats up to 400 square feet.
  • 30K BTU Size—comes with 2 burners and is designed for outdoor use only such as docks, fishing sheds or outdoor construction sites.  Mounts directly on a 20 pound cylinder and can provide heat up to 15 hours on high setting.  Either one or both burners can be used when operating.
  • 45K BTU Size—this 3 burner Mr. Heater mounts directly on a 20 pound tank, has adjustable heat control using 1, 2 or 3 burners at a time for up to 10 hours on high setting.  For outdoor use only.


More specifications are available on each radiant heater by clicking on the “read more” section for individual models.

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