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Propane Heater Parts & Accessories

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Equipsupply.com has a full spectrum of propane tanks in several sizes, low and high pressure regulators, safety gauges, hoses, level indicators and tank connectors to meet most of your propane heater needs.  Additionally, we carry tank stabilizers, leak stoppers and valve covers so you can properly care for your propane tank in a safe and secure manner. Heating with propane is one of the safest and most economical heat sources to satisfy your portable heating needs. Ensuring you have maximum protection through properly cared for equipment and ancillary products are both things EquipSupply is committed to providing our customers.

Propane Tanks and Stabilizers


We carry 3 different propane tank sizes: 20 pounds, 40 pounds and 100 pound.  In addition, we carry a tank stabilizer that keeps tanks upright, appropriate for 60 pound tanks or smaller.  We also carry ½ inch and 1 inch gas hoses for your convenience.


Tank Regulators


EquipSupply provides several different sizes of propane tank regulators.  We carry high pressure regulators that manage 10 PSI’s and 3 kinds of low pressure regulators managing first, second and W.C. pressure.


Miscellaneous Propane Equipment 

To keep your propane tanks operating properly, EquipSupply carries a wide variety of accessories.  Some of the more common items in our extensive accessory line-up include tank connectors, nuts, O-rings, numerous thread connectors, LP gas level indicators with safety gauge, valve cover and leak stopper.

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