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Patio Heater Parts, Accessories & Propane Tanks

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With the advent of cool weather, people still love to entertain outdoors.  This is made easy and convenient with the help of Patio Heaters from  They warm up any event or cool evening and keep the fun alive in the beautiful outdoors.  We have several models of patio heaters to choose from and all accessories to keep them operational and safe during the less temperate time of year.  With propane tanks for your patio heaters and all patio heater parts and accessories available from, you will be set for many hours of wonderful entertaining.

Patio Heaters carries several colors and styles of radiant patio heaters from the Patio Comfort product line.  Color choices include stainless steel, white, bronze and silver so it’s easy to match the right hue and tone with your outdoor furniture.  Using propane, they are inexpensive to operate and all models offer long burn times with no electricity required.

Propane Tanks

Our propane tanks provide hours of heat for your new patio heater.  Each tank holds 4.6 gallons of propane, has a 423,000 Btu capacity and has an efficient and safe vapor withdrawal system, among other safety features.  The tanks are easy to maneuver at only 20 pounds unfilled and have a Handle-EZ collar design for a secure grip.

Patio Heater Parts and Accessories

We have all the equipment you’ll need to hook up your propane tanks for patio heaters. carries a propane level indicator and safety gauge to determine fuel levels.  In addition, we sell the T-block manifold, a 30” copper pigtail with corresponding 30” rubber pigtail hose for attachment.  We also carry a tank connector with O-ring and the Acme thread connector.

Additional Parts for Patio Heaters

Other parts you might need for your patio heater include the pilot orifice LP, pilot tubing, a reflector to manage head distribution evenly, a spare/replacement pilot knob and a mould for the base.  No matter what tools or accessories you are looking for, has a wide assortment of items that compliment patio heater usage so they remain safely operational for hours of enjoyment.

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