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Professional Quality Electric Heaters

(read more) carries several powerful Electric Heaters, pumping out warmth in a room when you need it most.  While each of our electrical heaters can serve as a primary heat source, they also make excellent supplemental or back-up heaters for your home, office or work space.  We carry the TPI Milkhouse heater, operating at 1,300 or 1,500 watts and the 1,500 watt Heat Wagon. 

Heat Output and Safety Features

  • TPI Milkhouse: this heater operates with a powerful 5,120 Btu output, keeping spaces warm and toasty.  Consumers can choose between using the smaller or larger wattage (1,300 or 1,500) depending on room size and electrical load capacity.  In addition, it has a Tip-Over safety switch, is thermostat controlled, and comes with a Thermal Cutoff device so you can be assured that proper safety precautions are met while using your TPI Milkhouse heater.
  • Heat Wagon Electric Heater: with a 120 cfm heated air output, this heater uses 1,500 watts blasting out 5,100 Btu’s of warmth.  It has an adjustable thermostat, comes with overheat protection device and runs on 120 volts.  Highly portable and lightweight at only 15 pounds, the Heat Wagon electrical heater has a 20 foot cord for easy maneuverability and placement. 

Additional Parts

It’s easy to be prepared for any eventuality when purchasing extra parts from  We carry the on-off switch, limit switch and thermostat for the TPI Milkhouse electric heater.  Plus, we have a great inventory of heavy-duty extension cords for greater heater reach no matter which heater you choose.

As always, for all non-truck orders over $25 we offer free shipping.  Plus, it is easy to check on the status of your order through our friendly Customer Service department and web query process.

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