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Heaters, Heater Parts and Coolers

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Different environments and heating needs call for different kinds of heating and cooling solutions.  To best meet your individual heating needs, sells a wide variety of portable heaters and evaporative coolers, including:

You will find we offer some of the best brands available on the market today, including LB White and Mr. Heater.  What’s more, when repairs, adjustments or adaptations are required, we have a solid inventory of the most commonly used parts to help you make those adjustments or changes.

Portable Heaters

In the electric heater category, we sell the TPI Milkhouse Heater.  For those environments requiring gas heaters, we offer propane and natural gas heaters such as the Mr. Heater gas heaters and the LB White propane heaters, among others.  In addition, sells radiant and oil-fired heaters for those systems using oil resources.  You’ll also find a nice selection of patio heaters in antique bronze, silver, stainless steel or white for those chilly nights while entertaining outdoors.

Portable Heater Parts

In support of your portable heater purchase, we offer the most reliable and frequently requested repair items.  We provide a diverse selection of nozzles, igniters, motors, rotor kits, spark plugs, and hoses.  We also sell propane tanks, transformers, testing equipment and thermostats, along with a wide assortment of heavy-duty extension cords and transformer wires.  We want to make your portable heater shopping experience as user-friendly and convenient as possible and to make your system run safely and efficiently.

As always, if you require assistance, our knowledgeable technical service department is ready to help address your questions by either emailing us at or by calling 1.877.796.8884.

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