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Lighting Products & Parts

(read more) has the best in Flash Lights, Lanterns and Halogen Lights available online.  Plus, we carry auxiliary items such as lighting cord reels and lighting parts, including replacement bulbs and batteries, should you need them.  We even have a nice assortment of wobble lights in various wattage, great for when you need illumination in unstable environments.


Lights and Lanterns


Our Wind ‘N Go portable lanterns come equipped with AM/FM radio, 6 red LED emergency flashers and a 120 decibel siren.  In addition, it comes with a compass, telescope antennae and cell phone charger, among other features.  It’s lightweight and even light in price.


For handheld flashlights, we carry three rugged and versatile models: the Sportsman Extreme 3C, the Yellow Industrial and the Flex360 Roughneck.  The Sportsman is water-resistant and highly luminous.  The Yellow Industrial is toolbox tough and has the brightest light on the market.  The Flex360 Roughneck has a flexible head that rotates 180 degrees and offers a hands-free feature, gripping onto any surface.


The Halogens and Wobble Lights


Equipsupply carries three models of halogen lights by Bayco, two of which are adjustable flex towers.  The most powerful tower is 1500 watts resting on a telescopic tripod that can be dismantled for portable use.  We also carry a 1000 watt convertible light tower.  Our third halogen light is fully portable with 500 watts of power and great as a ground-level light source.


If you need wobble lights, we’ve got several sizes and styles – from 400 watts, 150 to 175 watts, to 85 watts.  They all automatically re-position to upright when knocked over and are great for boats, camping or other uneven surfaces.


Lighting Cord Reels and Parts


For those hard-to-access locations, we carry the 13 watt retractable cord reel lamp. It comes with a 10,000 hour rated bulb, has a high-impact lamp shield and a double-hang hook and magnetic clamp for hands-free use.  


Equipsupply carries a wide assortment of batteries too: from triple A, C and D sizes, along with large volt batteries.   Our lighting parts inventory includes replacement bulbs and heavy-duty extension cords as well.  Plus, we offer an array of extension cords in a variety of lengths to choose from.

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