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Extension Cords

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Anytime you need to extend reach for electric tools or power sources, has extension cords in a wide variety of lengths, colors and adapting capacities.  We offer 12 gauge, 3-wire extension cords in yellow, white and orange, along with power cord adapters that come in standard mode or, the W adapter with 1 male and 3 female ends.  All of our extension cords are heavy duty and are available in several lengths.

Extension cord lengths and color options 


When the color of your extension cord matters, has you covered.  We sell a white, pro-power, heavy duty, 25 foot cord and a 50 foot, white extension cord.  Additionally, we offer a heavy duty, white, multi-outlet cord with 6 outlets every 10 feet for convenience.


Our yellow, 12 gauge, 3-wire extension cords come in 50 and 100 foot lengths.  Our heavy duty, orange extension cords come in 50 and 100 foot lengths as well.  Plus, we have orange, triple tap cord style, in both 50 and 100 foot lengths, along with a 100 foot, heavy duty rental cord in thermal vinyl plastic protected to -40 degrees.


Adapters and plugs

For those times when you need additional plugs to make the right connections or specialty adapters, has what you are looking for.  We sell conventional power cord adapters and generator adapter cords.  Plus, our inventory includes the male vinyl plug, female vinyl receptacle and a 15 amp industrial grade plug.

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