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Natural Gas Heaters & Accessories

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Natural Gas Heaters provide an economical heating source with maximum results.  We carry two LB White-manufactured models that can be used as multi-purpose heating sources – one is a traditional tower style, the other a long-barreled (torpedo) directional style model.  What’s more, if you need accessories for natural gas heaters we’ve got what you need to complete your order.  Natural gas heaters can be used for numerous purposes and in a wide variety of environments: from a quick dry paint job on the construction site to heating up your garage or stand-along workshop at home while finishing up a project.

Long-barreled Directional Advantage

The LB White Tradesman offers 155,000 Btu’s of natural gas heat.  It is easy to move about, directing the flow of air on the area you most want to heat or dry quickly.  It heats up to 3,500 square feet, has 625 CFM air output and comes with direct spark ignition.  It also has a built-in thermostat to regulate temperatures.

Convenient Tower Style Model

In addition, we carry the LB White tower model gas heater.  It is great for providing controlled and regulated warmth in your home or office.  It heats up to 2,250 square feet of space, has a stainless burner and pushbutton ignition.  No electricity is required for operation.

Accessories for Natural Gas Heaters

Whether you have multiple heating sources on your property – oil, natural gas, electric or propane – has a tremendous inventory of accessories for installation, modifications and repairs.  We carry numerous nozzles, thermostats, ignition kits and pilot assembly kits.  Further, we have CAD Cell flame sensors and ignition control testers, among numerous other parts you might need.  For hose assembly, extension cords, even work gloves that keep your hands protected, we’ve got an enormous supply of items to fulfill your work request.

As always, all non-truck orders over $25 are shipped free and we stand behind all of our own manufactured and assembled products in our inventory.

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