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When expending high energy your body needs vital elements to be replaced so you can continue the marathon or just relax and be revitalized.  Our Drink Powder Packets provide great relief for just such benefit when mixed with water and chilled in one of our Igloo coolers or individual sport bottles.  Equipsupply.com sells a wide variety of flavors of both Propel powder packets and Gatorade powder packets complete with electrolyte nutrient-boosters to refresh you after a hard work-out or just a day in the hot sun.  

The Propel Advantage


Propel Zero powder packets are an energy-booster with zero calories.  Our Propel inventory includes flavor options of 10-1 ounce individual serving packages in lemonade, cherry-lime, citrus punch, berry, kiwi-strawberry, raspberry-lemonade, lemon or grape.  While you are shopping for the flavors your or your team will love best, pick up individual sport bottles for convenience. 


Reliably Refreshing Gatorade


Gatorade powder packets are the quintessential thirst quenchers that sports enthusiasts rely on when needing rapid recovery from heavy exercise.  We offer 1, 2.5 and 6 gallon packets.  Popular flavors include lemon-lime or orange.  We also sell Gatorade Frost for heavier exercise days.  Gatorade Frost is sold in Riptide Rush or Glacier Freeze.  Equipsupply.com also sells Igloo beverage coolers and cone cups complete with a matching cup dispenser for use out on the ball field.   

You won’t want to miss the savings of all our powder drink packets of Propel or Gatorade flavors and dispensing options.

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